Satellite reception indoors

I couldn’t wait for Monday when the wind will be down and weather expected to be good – I set up the Octagon LNB on the dish and pointed it out through the window. Tricky to point, but worth trying!

Screenshot of some sort of satellite signals!

One problem is that I don’t really know what I’m looking for as far as broadcast satellite signals are concerned. A second (slight) problem is that the gqrx display bandwidth is only 200kHz, as I had forgotten how to change it, so it’s hard to get a broad picture. I’ve found out how now, so that will make things a bit easier next time.

The signal in the screenshot is from a satellite at (I think) around 5° E. The 964MHz IF corresponds to 10714MHz into the LNB. At least my setup can receive something from a geostationary satellite. The steps in the waterfall are due to me changing the frequency.

I haven’t managed to find the Astra satellite at 28° E yet, but don’t really know what the signal looks like. It will be easier out of doors next time I try.